Negate This

A future that could've been

Poem #2

Published on by Negate This

All ascents, when given enough retrospection
Are as the ascent to the last tree.
The moon, the grass, the air, become one
And acknowledge their meaninglessness in pure Love.
 However, the descent soon begins
 Where the false teachings of Reason return,
 So eager as to bring about a sadness
 Full of the negation of one’s humanity.

But the Annihilated Soul knows
That having one’s humanity
Means that all sadness and grief
Are desirable and sweeter than any pleasure.
 For it is through these heavy blows
 That we can learn to be
 One with Love and all things
 And receive her splendor.

On these ascents, as the
Otherness of the external world
Reveals itself as a lie,
Remember to revel in your humanity.
 One is different,
 One is unconquerable,
 One is eternal,
 One yearns for Love.