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Finals are Finally Over!

Published on by Negate This #Personal

I apologize for the hiatus these past couple of weeks. My finals had just started and oh boy did they hit like a fire truck. I was writing pretty much non-stop, hence why I didn’t exactly feel like writing for this blog page. Sometimes you just feel pooped is all, but now that finals are done and I can relax a bit it is prime time to start writing for non-school related projects. As much as I do not enjoy writing, it’s still an important school for one to practice. The importance of written works can’t be underestimated, and while this blog isn’t a work of art, I should still take it seriously.

Having the discipline to take things seriously is an important skill to have, in my opinion. Honing discipline is something I’m beginning to understand that people should strive for, because how will anything get done without discipline? And how can one hone discipline in all areas of life when they can’t even tackle the discpline of just sitting down and writing?

Of course, I’m no paragon of this and I’m not claiming to be because that would be lying. I mean my track record for the blog is already tarnished oof. In the spirit of this talk of discipline, I’ll try to discipline myself and actually work on stuff here whenever I feel I have something important to say. I’ve actually had that feeling a ton these past couple of weeks so it’s sorta sad I haven’t dedicated any time to write them down for y’all. Well no more I say!

And to the reader, if you have something interesting you’d wanna write about, just go out and write it for us to see! Or for no one to see. Whatever. Just have fun with it and see where it leads.