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             /`/ )     ___
            /\/ ,`   /` / )
           / / /    / \/ ,`
 __.-.__,*```'". _.'__/_/
/##\ /##\    ",-' _/_,-'
\##/ \##/  "   `---` )
 `-. ._' "   " "  " ,'
   |_| `/..|...|..-'
 _/    / / |  /|
     _/     \   `-.

Lately I’ve been hanging out with some flies. A couple of days ago we left the door open for a while and accidentally let some flies inside. Of course, I refuse to kill them as that wouldn’t be very vegan and I won’t bother trying to show them the door since guiding flies out is nowhere near as easy as guiding them inside, so I’ve let them buzz around and annoy me, waiting for them to die by themselves.

Flies are way more interesting than I had ever figured. I’ve spent some time staring at them instead of working on my final papers, and the way they move around is sort of funny in a way. Especially when they suddenly just stop and start to rub their legs together. I found that endearing and decided to look up why they do that. Apparently they do it to clean themselves! That’s pretty cute if you ask me. All this time it turns out flies are just trying to stay clean, although their definition of clean is probably much different than ours. Stil, by the looks of it they’re clean freaks because they do it quite often.

The thought of them being clean freaks makes me imagine them freaking out about germs like a germophobe anytime they land. What if they’re so germophobic that somewhere out there there’s a “Bubble Boy” fly, just flying around in a plastic bubble trying hard not to touch anything. I guess a more modern equivalent to that movie would be “Everything, Everything” or “Five Feet Apart.” I dont know, there’s too many of these kinds of movies to remember them all. The important thing is that there are definitely fly equivalents to those movies in some fucked up alternate Cronenberg universe. Or a universe made by whoever wrote “The Fly.”

While it was interesting to have a good look at flies the past couple of days, I very much don’t want to do it again so I’ll make sure we don’t leave the door open. They’re cute in their own way, but they don’t belong inside my house. They don’t really even belong on these blog posts, I’ve just got nothing else going on at the moment. Sorry to whoever happens to read this. I hope you enjoy the ASCII art.