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“Man is the greatest being endowed with independence, creativity and consciousness, and a beautiful creature who champions justice. Man, by nature, detests all that is evil and dirty. These unique features constitute his human traits.” - Kim Il-Sung

I’ve thought about this quote a lot the past couple of weeks. The pure optimism and love for the people that radiates out of it is impressive. Even though I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that man has a natural disposition to detest “evil”, I still love the quote. It becomes easy for people to fall into fatalistic thoughts about all people, so reading the above quote is like a breath of fresh air.

Why is it so easy to hate people? How many times have you heard “I hate humans?” I’m sure I’ve said in the past week! It’s so easy for those words to come out of our mouths, but why? Because we see the suffering most of the world has to endure due to the actions of the Imperial Core? So all of humanity must be hated because the few subjugate the many? It doesn’t add up.

Could it be that we really hate the alienating, bourgeois qualities present in some people, and not really people as a whole? Maybe that is why some people seem to want to avoid others as much as possible. But if it’s these qualities we truly hate about others, the solution isn’t to fall prey to the alienating effect, but instead to join in with them and rid ourselves of these bourgeois qualities together.

Of course, there exists people that deserve hate, I think. Those few that subjugate the many, and those who stand with them. You can’t stop fascism or imperialism with love, after all.

There was a time where I felt a lot of anger toward people. Yes, it was my edgy teen years. I remember how I stepped back at one point and realized just how fucking miserable I was. It was awful, disgusting even. I’ve tried my best to not hate everyone adn everything since then. Of course, I still feel miserable sometimes, but there’s no reason to bring all of humanity into it. No, we need to learn to trust in the people, not hate them.