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              ✧                     Λ³β˜†  Λ³       ✧                          ✧    ༚             ✧                                                  ✧        β˜†        Λ³   Λ³              ✧           ✧             ༚                    β˜†                                        ✧                    ༚              ༚     β˜†  
 ༚            β˜†       Λ³         β˜†          β˜†               β˜†     β˜†          β˜†β˜†β˜†   ༚       ✧  ༚        β˜†    ✧  ✧   Λ³ ༚                     β˜†    β˜†                  β˜†      β˜†  ༚    β˜†β˜†                     
                  ༚  β˜†             β˜†    ✧                β˜†               β˜†   ༚            ✧                  Λ³    β˜†                  ✧    β˜†      β˜†   β˜†                            β˜†                     
             β˜†                                β˜†         β˜†                    ✧             ✧                  Λ³    β˜†            β˜†                                                                       
        ༚           β˜†                                                                β˜† Λ³             β˜†  Λ³β˜†      ✧             β˜†                              β˜†    Λ³ β˜†   β˜†                  Λ³       ˳༚   
             ✧                        ✧        ༚       β˜†                                                 ✧                    β˜†          β˜†   Λ³                  β˜†                                       

I was out for a walk today when I heard a small bird chirping in the trees, so I went toward the trees and began looking for it. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find that little bird, but while I was looking up at the tree, I noticed the clouds. The setting sun was giving the clouds and sky a beautiful light pink hue. Those kinds of sunsets are one of my most favorites! They’re proof that nature is simply beautiful or that we can find beauty all around us. Eiter way, we people end up with sights that I would never like to give up.

I began wondering about the stars, though. I live in a major city, so at most I’ll see a couple of very faint stars in the sky, one of which usually turns out to be an airplane. I’ve never been able to see a starry sky like those that people see while out camping in a remote and dark area. I’ve never been camping! So looking up at the night sky is rather saddening, to be quite honest.

What about the people of the past, though? Back when light pollution was hardly existent and people lived off the land and such. Those people, wherever they may have been, probably saw stars every night of their lives. Hell, sailors used the starry sky as a tool to guide themselves! To them the stars were a tool, and to normal people just living their lives, the stars were just a part of what it meant to be nighttime. Such a bizarre thing to think about. They must not have known how good they had it, specifically in terms of being able to see the stars as clearly as possible, of course. I wonder if they took it for granted, or appreciated the starry sky as much as people now do.

What if WE’RE taking things for granted right now? I’m sure the people at whatever ambiguous time I’m talking about never expected the stars to not be a normal part of people’s lives. What if we’re not expecting the same for something as mundane as a pink sky during the setting sun? I don’t know what the effects that pollution or climate change will have on the color of the sky! One day these pink sunsets could be gone or rare and people will think of us and how we had it good.

No, they will definitely think that if we keep disregarding climate change the way we’re doing now. They ARE thinking that, because climate change is and has been affecting people all over the globe. Even then no substantial changes have been happening. It’s maddening. We must have a society that has the interests of people all over the world in mind. The current capitalist mode of production is killing us all. We must be rid of it for the sake of everyone.

Sorry if this got ranty! I just wanted to write about the sky and had no plan in mind. Whoops.

Liked the star pattern up top? Was generated in Java using code I found at the link below!

Night Sky Generator